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Persist in develop low-carbon energy-saving products as the goal!

Our company was established in July 2013 in Taiwan. We are a technical service enterprise integrating design, development, production, and sales.
We provide technology based on electromechanical integrated design,
with the goal of providing energy-saving and low-carbon electromechanical components.

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What's special about us?

Research and Development

Flexible integration
Combining our own motor design and manufacturing capabilities with drives from major brands can effectively improve power efficiency and dynamic performance. In addition to achieving the ultimate power saving efficiency, it can also meet customer’s requirements for dynamic response.
Green energy and environmental protection
Take the advantages of high efficiency and energy saving from permanent magnet motors, not only giving full play to our main product - hydraulic servo energy saving system, but also applied on the permanent magnet motor direct drive fans, which realize the green goal of energy saving and carbon reduction.
Breaking the monopoly
Apply our industrial technology to the design and manufacture of our products, such as industrial-grade insect trap lamp, permanent magnet motor direct-drive big fans, and intelligent control body brush for cattle. Strive to reduce the cost of electricity for animal husbandry. Break through the situation that the market was monopolized by foreign brands in the past.

Our services

Our company cherishes every customer who cooperates with us. We focus on quality rather than quantity to cultivate talents to grow steadily, continue to provide the highest quality products and the most immediate service, in exchange for customer trust and to establish a long-term friendly partnership.

Our superiority

Our company‘s technical team members have long been engaged in the planning of oil and power energy saving systems, electromechanical integrated power system applications, customized motor design analysis. We have our own core technology, design and manufacturing capabilities. We have the strength to continue to develop on the basis of the green energy electromechanical industry.

Significantly reduces power waste and fully realizes simultaneous control of pressure and flow.

Hydraulic Servo Energy-saving System

According to the pressure and flow required by the equipment under different working conditions, pass through the dedicated hydraulic servo driver compared to the feedback signal of the pressure sensor, the speed of the servo motor is intelligently controlled after calculation to provide the actual pressure and the flow required by the equipment.

Hydraulic Servo Energy-saving System