Hydraulic Servo Energy-saving System

Energy-saving 50%~80%

The whole series adopts advanced permanent magnet synchronous servo motor combined with servo driver vector control technology

Why do traditional hydraulic systems consume energy?

Traditional hydraulic systems use a general purpose induction motor to drive the oil pump at a fixed speed. As long as the system starts, regardless of whether the equipment is actually running, it will continue to consume 30% ~ 40% of the rated power of the motor.

Due to the constant speed operation of the motor, when the equipment is in the stages of actuation, pressurization, pressure maintenance, cooling, material exchange, etc., the excess oil produced by the system returns to the fuel tank / pressure ratio valve / safety valve through a specific flow valve, which unnecessarily generates mechanical friction heat and noise.

Product Features

High efficiency energy-saving50%~90%
Operation with low heat generationno throttling loss in the oil circuit
High dynamic responsefast flow and pressure response

How to save electricity and protect the environment in Hydraulic Servo Energy-saving System?

  • The hydraulic energy-saving system integrates servo technology and hydraulic technology, and adopts the combination of oil pump and permanent magnet synchronous servo motor.

  • According to the pressure and flow required by the equipment under different working conditions, pass through the dedicated hydraulic servo driver compared to the feedback signal of the pressure sensor, the speed of the servo motor is intelligently controlled after calculation to provide the actual pressure and flow required by the equipment.

  • The system has no standby overflow loss, greatly reduces power waste, and fully realizes simultaneous control of pressure and flow. It has the advantages of high efficiency and energy-saving, quick recovery of investment costs, high production efficiency and high precision control.

Benefit results after using Hydraulic Servo Energy-saving System

High dynamic responseThe whole series adopts permanent magnet servo motor, the speed response is more than 2~3 times higher than that of the induction motor (the hydraulic response time is within 0.1 seconds), with full-speed high-torque and high-efficiency operation.
Save water and oilThe oil temperature of the system is greatly reduced, the components inside the sealed oil circuit are more durable in use, the required maintenance times and oil change intervals are reduced, and the cooling water consumption can be saved by more than 30%.
Reduce ambient noiseReduce equipment noise and reduce operator fatigue.
Energy saving and environmental protectionEnergy saving benefits reaches 35%~85%. 25%~55% of the processing cost of plastic injection products is electricity, by using energy-saving systems, the competitiveness of products can be immediately improved.

System Configuration

LAST UPDATE:2022-03-19
PQ SpecificationFlow range:5 LPM ~ infinity(multi-pump confluence technology)
Pressure range:5 Bar ~ 345 Bar
Main componentsPermanent magnet servo motor:power range 0.75 kW~375 kW
Hydraulic servo dedicated driver:power range 1.5 kW~500 kW
Oil pump: gear pump, plunger pump, vane pump, screw pump
Motor Feedback element:RESOLVER
Sensing element:Pressure Sensor
Anti-jamming components: input reactor, zero phase filter, UL2464 double insulated cable
Machines linkage:one-piece cast aluminum center seat + aluminum alloy backlash-free coupling

Structural Configuration

Structural Configuration

Comparison Curve of Energy Consumption of Hydraulic System of Injection Moulding Machine

The electricity saving rate of hydraulic servo energy-saving system is 40%~85%

Control System Circuit Diagram A (Quantitative Pump)

Single Pump Control Circuit

Control System Circuit Diagram B (Variable Pump)

Double Pumps Control Circuit

Flow Control Features

Flow response time within 100ms

Pressure Control Features

Pressure response time within 100ms

Industry Scope

Application Examples

Actual case - 1
Plastic Injection Machine (Injection Moulding Machine)

Plastic Injection Machine (Injection Moulding Machine)

Four-color Large Plastic Injection Machine, Vertical 3-tie bar 2-stations Rotary Injection Machine, 98T-horizontal Direct-pressure Injection Machine, 280T-horizontal Direct-pressure Injection Machine

Actual case - 2
Blow Moulding Machine

Blow Moulding Machine

Blow Moulding Machine, Injection Blow Moulding Machine, Cumulative Blow Moulding Machine, Continuous Blow Moulding Machine

Actual case - 3
Shoe Making Equipment

Shoe Making Equipment

Hydraulic Cutting Machine, Gantry Hydraulic Cutting Machine, Plane Hydraulic Cutting Machine

Actual case - 4
Forging Equipment

Forging Equipment

Aluminum Die Casting Machine, Gravity Casting Machine, Hydraulic Machine Tool/Forging equipment, Hydraulic Press, Cold Forming Machine, Gantry Press Transformation

Actual case - 5
High Pressure Coolant System for Processing Machine

High Pressure Coolant System for Processing Machine

High Pressure Coolant Power System

Actual case - 6
Aluminum Extrusion Machine

Aluminum Extrusion Machine

Actual case - 7
Rotary Honing Machine

Rotary Honing Machine