Body Brush for Cattle

Intelligent Control Stainless Steel - Body Brush for Cattle TS-6050

Product Photos

Product Functions

  1. Promote blood circulation and sweat gland excretion for the cattle which reduces the probability of skin infection.

  2. Activate the epidermal nerve for the cattle which helps to enhance their digestibility and absorptive capacity.

  3. Reduce infestation of parasites through their skin thus improves disease resistance for the cattle.

Product Features

  1. Durable with stainless steel structure which is anti-rust and corrosion resistant.
  2. Fully automatic intelligent touch control, with automatic shutdown function for safety protection.
  3. Provide secure maintenance support services with sufficient spare parts and the whole machine is made in Taiwan.

Product Specification

  1. Two product sizes: D450mm*600mm and D500mm*600mm for you to choose; material of the bristles: PP.
  2. Single-phase motor AC220V/200W, brush head rotation speed: 30 revolutions per minute.
  3. Intelligent touch-control adjustable angle 10~30 degrees.
  4. Safety protection designs such as automatic reverse and shutdown functions, which prevents the cattle’s tail from being sucked into the machine.
  5. Easy to adjust with digital display for multifunctional settings.