Green Fast Transmission

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develop low-carbon energy-saving products as the goal!

About us

Our company was established in July 2013 in Taiwan, a capital of machine tools.

We are a technical service enterprise integrating design, development, production, and sales. We provide technology based on electromechanical integrated design, with the goal of providing energy-saving and low-carbon electromechanical components.


Providing the best products has always been the direction of our efforts


Our Business Philosophy

God rewards those who work hard by fulfilling their wishes.


Our prospect

Green Fast Transmission Co., Ltd., since its establishment, has continued to develop low-carbon and energy-saving electromechanical systems as its goal. We will strive to response to the direction of global energy conservation and carbon reduction. In the future, in addition to refining the development of hydraulic energy-saving systems, we shall design customized energy-saving motors and matching drives, applying to electromechanical control systems and sports equipment torque control and other applications. We shall continue to develop and launch more cost-effective models such energy-saving products are suitable for a wide range of applications in mechanical equipment.

In addition, our company will support the upgrading of Taiwan's agriculture, fishery and animal husbandry industry, apply our original industrial technology to design and manufacture of permanent magnet direct drive large ceiling fan, energy-saving ventilation fan control system, intelligent control body brush for cattle and industrial-grade insect trap lamp. Efforts will be made to reduce electricity costs for the livestock industry and reduce dependence on foreign brands.

Our company will continue to develop green energy products, hoping to be adopted by the industry, in response to the global green goal of energy conservation and carbon reduction, which highlighting the major enterprises, in order to protect the earth’s ecology, more and more direct forward-looking efforts are being put into it.