Permanent Magnet Motor Direct Drive Large Fan

Maintain high efficiency in the full speed load range, save energy and electricity
Increase MTBF(Mean Time Between Failures) index
The blades are directly driven by high torque output at low speed; not involving gears; no friction and no mechanical clearance
Low noise
Easy to install and maintain
High torque, high rigidity, steady at low speed

Product Introduction

HVLS (High Volume–Low Speed) energy-saving fan is a large ceiling fan with 7.3 meters diameter which produces great airflow and ventilation with running speed of 50rpm only. It is the most powerful device which produces great airflow field in the environment nowadays.

We have applied the theory of Aerodynamics when designing the streamline fan blades. It needs only 1.5KW or even lower power to run the drive, which produces large areas of natural wind system to meet the dual function of ventilation and cooling effect. It has great application advantages than the traditional air-conditioner or small high-speed fan. It could be a perfect solution to the ventilation and cooling effect for large areas.

The overall design has been undergo precise calculation, provides the best effect of ventilation on human somatosensory. The effect covers large areas with uniform and soft wind. In actual application, it reduces 5-8℃ as the ventilation effect on human somatosensory. The maximum running power of each Large Fan is 1.5KW only, and the maximum daily running cost required is only $36 for running 8 hours daily (calculated according to the industrial electricity cost $3/KWh). Our aesthetic, durable and maintenance-free products provide dual function of ventilation and cooling effect for you.

Product Applications

Commercial public placesshopping mall, super market, wholesale market, exhibition center.
Manufacturingfactory workshop, logistics warehouse, transshipment warehouse.
Leisure Travellarge playground, park, tourist attractions, dining and entertainment area.
Sportsstadium, gymnasium, indoor training center.
Public transport hubwaiting hall, platform, ticketing hall, terminal.
Othersgreen house, farm, winery, church, cafeteria, classroom, hall.

The Existing Problems of Driving Fan with Induction Motor and Gearbox

The gearbox has low efficiency, high energy consumption and high noise.

When the internal pressure of the gearbox increased, it will cause oil leakage.

It will cause power loss after slowing down (reduce overall effectiveness).

Regular maintenance is required due to mechanical wear.

It is bulky and complicated to install.

The Difference between Permanent-magnetic Direct-drive Motor and Inverter Gearbox

Direct-drive motor is a special permanent-magnetic motor, usually called Permanent-magnet Synchronous Motor or DC Brushless Motor. It does not require to connect to the drive load (e.g. gearbox, pulley and chain etc.), the blades are connected directly to the rotating body of the motor. This combination is called a “Direct-drive Fan”.

The permanent-magnetic direct-drive motor is designed with compact construction, using fat-and-short style of core stack, produces high torque output at low speed rotation. Comparatively, the induction motor produces low torque at high speed rotation, therefore it must through a gearbox to amplify the torque, and the conversion efficiency is low.

When the direct-drive motor is running at the rated speed, it can produce high torque at zero speed status or stalled state, which traditional induction motor cannot perform. Therefore, the main feature of the direct-drive motor is the torque, but not the power. When the three-phase load is balanced, the direct-drive motor can provide stable torque output at full rate.

Product Specifications

LAST UPDATE:2022-02-25
Model no.Blade diameter (m)No. of blades (quantity)Motor diameter (mm)Speed (rpm)Weight (Kg)Air volume (M³/h)Noise level dB(A)Max. area coverage (m²)Suitable installation height (m)Driver input Voltage (V)Driver max. power (kW)
D50-60806M62768084774,000 308006-102201.5
D50-401004M627610062616,500 355404-62201.5
D36-301103M622811038580,600 354903-52201.5

Production Features

LAST UPDATE:2022-01-01
Rated powerP =0.88kW
Rated speedN=60 rpm
Rated torqueMn=140 Nm
Rated currentIn-1.8A
Rated frequencyF=33Hz
Peak torqueMmax=400 Nm
Peak currentI Max=5.1A
Torque constantKt=77.8 Nm/A
Back EMFKe=306 V
Protection classIP65

Actual Installation photos

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