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Permanent Magnet Motor Design & Analysis

Stator and rotor size design
Motor characteristic analysis
Winding condition design
Calculation of motor comprehensive parameters
Case closing analysis report

Optimize customer-supplied samples

The customer's existing motor model set up
Analysis of the characteristics of the motor model
Optimization and improvement of the motor model
Engineering drawing after optimization
Closing case report and recommendations

Electrical Engineering Drawing Design

Exterior drawing and structure drawing
Parts and components drawing
Set up the BOM material composition table
Stipulate manufacturing specifications
Compile customer approval sheet

Motor production process planning

Compile manufacturing flow chart
Design production fixtures
QC engineering drawing
Set up SOP working instructions book
Stipulate product inspection standard table

Technical Consultant of Motor Factory

Product modification and optimization
Process improvement and coaching
Rationalization of inspection procedures confirmation
Production equipment and material consultation
Smooth delivery mode set up and suggestion

Mid Motor (Electric assisted bicycle)

Torque Motor (Torque application in Gravity training machine)

Wheel hub Motor (Electric bicycle)

IPM Motor (for testing equipment)

Detailed Specification Sheet
Motor typeIPM brushless motor
Rated voltage3Ø380V
Rated power2.2 kW
Rated speed8,000 rpm
Rated torque2.262 Nm
Maximum speed12,000 rpm
Control modeclosed loop speed control

External Rotor Motor (7 meters large ceiling fan)

Torque Motor (Robot joint drive)

IPM Motor (Power hand tools application)

Detailed Specification Sheet
Motor typeIPM brushless motor
Rated voltage18V.DC
Rated power300 W
Rated speed25,000 rpm
Rated torque0.1146 Nm
Rated current17.7 A
Maximum speed30,000 rpm

SPM brushless motor (Conveyor belt application)

Detailed Specification Sheet
Rated voltage220 V
Rated power100 W
Rated speed2,000 rpm
Rated torque0.4775 Nm
Maximum speed2,500 rpm
Control modeSensor feedback control
Shaft output moderound shaft with key
Overall size90

IPM Spindle Motor (Grinder Spindle)

Detailed Specification Sheet
Motor typeD52 brushless motor
Rated voltage36 V.DC
Rated power500 W
Rated speed4,000 rpm
Rated torque1.2 Nm
Rated current14.8 A
Maximum speed4,500 rpm

High Power Motor (Hydraulic servo power)

Detailed Specification Sheet
Motor typeSPM Permanent magnet motor
Rated voltage380V.DC
Rated power200kW
Rated speed1,500 rpm.
Rated torque1277.3 Nm
Rated current395 A
Maximum speed2,000 rpm

Car Motor (Electric truck)

Detailed Specification Sheet
Motor typeIPM Permanent magnet motor
Rated voltage516V.DC
Rated power138kW
Rated speed1,200 rpm.
Rated torque1100 Nm
Rated current284 A
Maximum speed2,400 rpm
Current density10A/mm²
Cooling methodwater cooling

Car Motor (Electric truck)

Detailed Specification Sheet
Motor typeSPM Permanent magnet motor
Rated voltage310V.DC
Rated power18.5kW
Rated speed2,000 rpm
Maximum torque3,000 rpm
Rated torque88.3 Nm

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